Admissions - General Information and Parent Tours

Busbridge CofE Junior School is an Own Admissions Authority (OAA) school. To see our Admissions criteria please go to the Admissions Criteria Policy in the 'Policies' section of this website under 'About Us' or download the documents attached below. As an Own Admission Authority we as a school are responsible for applying our admission criteria, ranking the list of applicants and maintaining a waiting list. Surrey County Council Admissions manage the application process and has a statutory duty to coordinate applications and allocations for Year 3 as part of the normal admissions round, and also processes in year applications on the school’s behalf (see 'In Year Transfer Applications'). Applications for a school place should be made directly through Surrey CC Admissions.
Information on the admissions process is available on the Directory of Surrey Schools:
or on Surrey County Council Admissions: 
The school lists, “Information on primary schools in Surrey 2020/21” and “Information on secondary schools in Surrey 2020/21” are also available online at: .
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Parent Tours:
Please contact Mrs Mitchell in the school office on 01483 417302 or email the school office if you wish to make an appointment to visit the school.
New Round Year 3 September 2020 Admissions Applications Outcomes:
Primary school new round Year 3 application outcomes will be sent to parents by Surrey CC Admissions on national offer day 16th April 2020. Applicants will be asked to accept or decline school places offered by 30th April 2020.
What to do if my child is not offered a place at Busbridge CofE Junior School on national offer day...
If you placed Busbridge CofE Junior School as a higher preference to the school you are actually offered on national offer day, Surrey CC Admissions will put your child's name on a waiting list which as an Own Admissions Authority school we view and manage ourselves.
Following confirmation from Surrey CC Admissions of parental responses to offers sent out on national offer day, the school then makes offers as we are able to from our waiting list which is ranked in accordance to our admissions criteria.
If you are not contacted with an offer of a year 3 place at our school, your child's name remains on our waiting list for the duration of the academic year or until we are instructed otherwise.
If you have any queries we ask you email the school office on: but please note we will be unable to give information on waiting lists until after 30th April 2020.

Please note the school is now partially open in line with the DfE guidance to the coronavirus situation. Whilst emails are being monitored we may not be able to respond immediately to your email or to any telephone messages left.

Primary School Applications:
Please see our Admissions criteria 2020/2021 below. Applications for primary places (Reception and Year 3) Sept 2020 entry should have been made online to Surrey County Council Admissions from 4th November 2019 and by 15th January 2020 (information can be found in the leaflet on primary admissions below). Applications made after this date will be treated as a late application.  
For applications made under criteria 4 of our Admissions policy for admission to Year 3 in September 2020, please note the Supplementary Information/Benefice Church Verification Form (SIF) should have been completed and returned by the parent to the Busbridge Church Office by 10th December 2019. (A copy of the completed SIF form can be attached to the online application).
For applications made under criteria 5 of our Admissions policy for admission to Year 3 in September 2020, please note the Supplementary Information Form (SIF) should have been  completed and returned by the parent to the school by 15th January 2020. (A copy of the completed SIF form can be attached to the online application).
Secondary School Applications for children in year 6 (academic year 2019/20):
Applications for Secondary School places should be made online to Surrey County Council Admissions from 1st September 2019 and by 31st October 2019 - information can be found in the leaflet on secondary admissions below. 
Determination of Surrey's admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools and coordinated schemes - 2021
The admission arrangements for Surrey's community and voluntary controlled schools for 2021 admission and Surrey's primary and secondary coordinated schemes for 2021 have now been determined. Full details are available on the school admissions pages of Surrey County Council website under ‘Admission arrangements and outcomes’ - as outlined in the attached document below.

Any person or body who considers that any aspect of these admission arrangements are unlawful or not in compliance with the School Admissions Code or relevant law relating to admissions, can make an objection to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator. Objections must be referred by 15 May 2020 and further information on how to make an objection can be obtained from the Office of the Schools Adjudicator website.