Curriculum Organisation

For details about our Curriculum intent, implementation and impact, please see our 'Curriculum Information' page. 
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Our Approach to Learning
We believe that learning should be irresistible, and offer a rich and engaging curriculum which focuses on creativity and first-hand experience. both inside and outside the classroom. There is a balance of academic, artistic and physical education, as well as that of social and emotional well-being which prepares our pupils for future citizenship. We offer a wide and exciting range of extra-curricular opportunities such as clubs, educational visits, themed days, sporting events, plays, musical performances and assemblies.

We use a range of teaching methods and resources to ensure the children find the way of learning that suits them best. Our aim is to inspire a joy of learning which we hope will stay with the children into adulthood. We work hard to give the children the skills which will enable them to be happy, confident and successful.
More information can be found in the Year Groups tabs, and in the 'Curriculum, Teaching and Learning' policy at the bottom of this page.
Class Organisation
We have two classes of thirty children in each of the four year groups.
Each class teacher is responsible for both the academic and pastoral care of the children. There are occasions when the children are organised into different group situations to support learning opportunities so that teaching programmes can be designed to suit individual learning requirements.
Subject co-ordinators within the staff (see the staff list in 'About Us') take responsibility for ensuring continuity and development in the teaching of that subject throughout the school.
Learning Support Assistants work in each classroom to provide support to teachers and pupils. 
Parents Evenings take place twice in the academic year as an opportunity for parents/carers to meet with their child's class teacher and see their child's school work. School reports are issued at the end of the summer term. 
Care and Well Being
Our friendly team aims to provide a high quality of care for all pupils. The class teacher will be the first point of contact if there are any difficulties and the headteacher and/or deputy headteacher are on hand if any problems are not resolved in the first instance. All Year 3 pupils have a 'buddy' in Year 6 who will provide a friendly face and helping hand during the first twelve months. 
Curriculum Enquiries
If you wish to speak to a member of our staff about the Curriculum, please contact the Headteacher - Mr Richard Catchpole or Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Rachel Barker via the school office on 01483 417302 or