Our Staff Team

The staff of Busbridge Junior School are:




Mr Richard Catchpole (DSL)



Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Rachel Barker (Deputy DSL, SENCo/Designated Teacher for LAC, Lower School Phase Leader, Educational Visits, Assessment)



Teaching Staff:


Year 3

Class 3B

Mrs Pippa Barrett - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 

Mrs Rachel Barker - Monday


Class 3W

Miss Shelly Warner 


Year 4

Class 4MB

Mrs Sarah Mitchell - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Mrs Helen Banks - Thursday, Friday 


Class 4WT

Mrs Debbie Wright - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday      

Mrs Emma Toulson - Thursday, Friday


Year 5

Class 5L

Miss Eva Loudon 


Class 5W

Miss Chloe Warner


Year 6

Class 6E

Mr David Evans (Upper School Phase Leader)


Class 6M

Miss Sarah Mistry 

Part-time Teacher
Mrs Sonia Alder (RE lead)


  Mrs Rachel Barker (Designated Teacher for Looked After Children)

Home School Link Worker:

  Mrs Nicola Howell-Din

Sports Coordinator 

  Mrs Clare Parsons

Learning Support Assistants:

  Ms Sammie McPhail     Miss Emma Luff



Mrs Gail Allen              Mrs Mary Ellis-Cope



Miss Helen Smith         Mrs Lynn Procter-Moore



Mrs Sue Keen              Mrs Jackie McPhail



Mrs Kate Brockman     Miss Joanna Whitmore



Miss Espa Faupel         Ms Emma Tampsett



Miss Theresa McElroy  





Administrative Staff:


School Business Manager


Mrs Kirsty Morris

School Secretary


Mrs Liz Mitchell

School Admin Assistant


Mrs Joyce Vaz


Premises Manager:



Senior Midday Supervisors:   Mrs Anna Squires

The Midday Team:

  Mrs Lynn Procter-Moore    Mr Bill Bingham


  Mrs Gail Allen                Ms Sammie McPhail
    Mrs Kate Brockman        Miss Helen Smith 


  Miss Espa Faupel           Mrs Mary Ellis-Cope



Miss Theresa McElroy     Miss Emma Luff



Ms Emma Tampsett        Miss Joanna Whitmore



Miss Joanne Hardy 

Breakfast Club & After-school
Care Club:


Mrs Jackie McPhail         Mrs Gail Allen

Mrs Mary Ellis-Cope       Mrs Lynn Procter-Moore

Miss Emma Luff             Mrs Sue Keen



Mrs Theresa McElroy


 School Caterer:   Mrs Jenny Welland - Twelve15 (formerly Surrey Commercial Services)