Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 page.

Most of the work in the first half of the Autumn term is based around the Stone Age. Having looked at the key features of Stone Age life, we move on to learn about The Romans. We find out about the key characters in the Roman period and the legacy that they left behind. We also look at Roman life, studying the experiences of the rich and the poor in Roman society.

All of this work is enhanced by our visit to Butser Ancient farm where the children learn about the life of the Celts and have the opportunity to have some hands on experience with pottery and 'wattle and daub' workshops.

In other areas of the curriculum we look at healthy eating and the human body in Science, as well as adventure stories in Literacy. For this unit, we study the C.S.Lewis classic, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

During the Spring term, we finish our study of the Romans and move onto our first Geography topic looking at Water. We also explore a range of other topics including plants in Science and programming animation sequences in our Computing lessons.

During the final term of the year, the children learn all about Brazil and use it as an opportunity to study a contrasting locality to our own. 

All in all the children will have a varied and exciting experience in Year 3.

More information on the topics, homework and planning can be found below.