Home Learning Resources and Summer Reading Challenge

Home Learning and School provision during the partial closure of BJS

With the academic year now over, we are reflecting on the learning that has taken place this year, both for the children but also for us as a leadership team. Planning for a partial school closure is not an event that occurs often and due to the rare nature of such an event, coupled with the speed in which the school closed following the Government’s announcement on March 18th 2020, we had to make and implement plans at a rapid pace.

We all sincerely hope that another period of school closure will not be required, however we also know that there is an element of uncertainty over what lies ahead. We are reflecting on the provision that we had in place and evaluating its effectiveness, and your input will be appreciated. If you feel able to, please provide us feedback on what worked well and not so well for your family/child during Home Learning, via the survey links in the letter attached below.

Summer Reading Challenge

This year we have launched our very own Summer Reading Challenge! The children were told about this in school and given a reading challenge card to bring home - see the format as attached below.

There are two ways in which the children can participate in the challenge. The first is by using the bingo grid on the card to try and complete a row, column or diagonal - or even the whole grid! All we ask is that the children tick the boxes they complete and write the title of the books they have read on each of the lines on the other side of the card.

However, if the children have a set of books at home that don't meet the criteria on the bingo grid then they are able to read their own selection of books. Again, all we ask is that the children write the title of the books they have read on each of the lines on the card.

In September we will be awarding bronze certificates for children who have read 5 books; silver certificates for children who have read 10 books and gold certificates for children who have read 15 or more books - quite an achievement! In order to receive their well-deserved certificates, the children simply need to return their completed Summer Reading Challenge card (labelled with their name and class) to their class teacher when we return in September.

Happy reading!