Purple Mash

Following a successful trial, we now have a school subscription to Purple Mash (www.purplemash.com), a creative educational website for children.

About Purple Mash
Purple Mash is a cross-curricular resource covering art to science and all subjects in between. Your child can access Purple Mash from home on a laptop, desktop or a tablet and we will set homework tasks on Purple Mash throughout the year. In addition, there are a variety of games that are fun to play but also help children practise their numeracy and literacy skills making it a great way to reinforce learning outside of school hours. Your child has been taught how to use Purple Mash in school but you may want to take a few minutes to explore it yourself so that you can help them with their work. If your child is not able to access a computer or tablet device at home, they are welcome to attend homework club on Thursday lunchtime at 1pm in the computing suite.

How safe is Purple Mash?
Purple Mash is a safe environment that does not require any downloading or allow interaction with people online. The only exception to this is within the 2blog app where teachers can create a class blog allowing children to blog about their learning in school. There are controls in place to ensure that this is used safely and appropriately. Any blog post written by a child must first be approved by the class teacher before being displayed and is only visible to Busbridge CofE Junior School children.

In computing lessons, as part of online safety, children learn about the importance of password privacy and how to communicate with others in a safe and kind way. Purple Mash provides children with opportunities to put these skills into practise in a safe environment. It also provides a fun and educational alternative to other popular online games.

If you have any questions regarding Purple Mash, please direct them to Mrs Auger as computing lead for the school. We welcome any feedback from parents about the website.