Testimonials - what our parents and children say

 What our parents say...

“SEN provision is excellent”

“Interventions for my child are making a big difference.”

“In my opinion, the SEN provision thus far has been excellent: adaptable, tailored and of a high standard. I feel that the communication between the SENCO, the class teacher and the parents is very good, and my child’s pastoral as well as educational needs are being taken into account; she feels like a valued member of class rather than an ‘other’, and receives assistance when required, but is encouraged to work independently as much as possible.”

“I feel that with the conversations we have had and the subsequent actions that my child has a champion looking out for him within the school both emotionally as well as academically.”

“We feel that our child’s support works well and that it is being adapted to meet his changing needs. We are very happy with the support offered by the teachers and LSAs … we feel supported as parents and feel that our input is valued.”

“I have found it very useful to have regular meetings with the class teacher and SENCO setting time bonded outcomes to monitor the effectiveness of interventions.”

What our children say...

“I like being able to choose to go in the learning lab  … and being able to select a friend or two has helped …I feel more confident.”

“I get everything I need.”

“The school does well at looking out for us and making sure we are ok.”

“The teachers always help if any of the children are stuck.”

“We all learn together and we discover loads of new things and everyday it is fun!”