Supplementary Information and Benefice Church Verification Forms with Catchment/Parish Map information

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Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and Benefice Church Verification Form
For applications made under criteria 4 of our Admissions policy for admission to Year 3 (and In Year Transfers), the Supplementary Information/Reference form (SIF) needs to be completed and returned by the parent to the Busbridge Church Office. (A copy of the completed SIF form can be attached to the online application submitted to Surrey County Council Admissions).
The Supplementary Information and Benefice Church Verification forms are attached to the Admissions Policy document in the Policies section of this website, or you can download them by clicking on the attached documents below.
This form is required for applications made under Criteria 4 in our Admissions policy as follows:
Category 4 Priority

For category 4 priority, a “committed, regular worshipper of the congregations of the United Benefice” is someone who has attended Christian worship regularly (at least twice a month) for the 3 years prior to the designated closing date for applications and whose regular Christian worship (at least twice a month) has been at Busbridge Church and/or Hambledon Church for at least the 5 months immediately prior to that date.

For a child to be considered under Category 4, the School must receive from the parent(s)/carer(s) making the application on or before the closing date for applications:

  1. a completed and signed Supplementary Information Form in the form set out below; and
  2. a completed Benefice Church Verification, in the form also set out below, signed by a member of the   Clergy of the United Benefice of Busbridge and Hambledon.

“Christian worship” means worship within a church that is a member of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (as identified on  and/or the Evangelical Alliance (as identified on ) and/or is judged by the Rector of the United Benefice of Busbridge and Hambledon to be an equivalent Church overseas”

NB If a completed and signed Supplementary Information Form and Benefice Church Verification are not both received by the School from the parent(s)/carer(s) on or before the closing date, the child in question will not be considered for admission under Category 4.